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Self-introduction in interview

Student life is full of opportunities to create impressions which demands great soft skills . Build your communication skills with us.

Communication skills

Entrepreneurs life is full of moments to deliver the right information which demands exceptional communication skills . Practice and perfect your pitch with us.

How to improve communication skills
Working Professionals

Communication skills and the right expressions are a must for a professional to grow in his/her career. Grow your communication skills and ramp up your career.

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Speech improvement

Fillers : Fillers are unnecessary words like uh and "uhmm" in your speech. Try to improve your speech by reducing the amount of fillers.

Speech assessment

Pronunciation : The use of syllables and their combination can make a good idea sound perfect and a great idea sound irrelevant. The best thing is that you can always improve your pronunciation.

Personality test

Pauses : The right amount of times paused while speaking makes the speech relevant, while too much makes it irrelevant.

Communication assessment test

Pitch : Changes in pitch creates your accent and impression on the audience.

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Facial recognition test


Analysis of your facial movements as it is of key essence of communication between humans.

Facial recognition Eye Contact

Eye Contact : Your eye contact makes quite an impression, one can make a big first impression when they talk by looking straight into the opposite person.

Facial recognition Smile

Smile : A positive persona wins and charms all. Your smiling face can get you ahead amongst lot of people. But be sure not to over-smile.

Facial recognition Calmness

Calmness : It's when you stay unaffected by outside disturbance and continue doing your work in a positive manner, it helps you accomplish your goals.

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